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The experts invited media representatives for a press lunch, "Smart Grid" or how much the loss of electricity costs for Ukraine", during which was presented the innovative technology of «smart grid» in detail.

Director of EUEA Elena Rybak and Peter Kňažko, Director of Smart Grids in Central and Eastern Europe of General Electric Energy noted the importance of energy-loss reduction in the grids which is caused by the inefficient structure of grids and old electricity infrastructure.

Loss of electricity in Ukraine equal to 15%, but in developed countries this rate is only 6%. GE Company can help Ukraine to reach such indexes.

General Electric Energy is a global leader in the field of «smart grid», and look for an opportunity to implement this technology on the territory of Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.

Peter Kňažko noted that GE is not going to cooperate with Ukrainian government on contractual terms, but ready to act as a consultant. Besides, General Electric Energy is open for cooperation with companies, which share basic principles of GE business: open relationship, transparency of business and care about the environment.

Experts believes that grids modernization will bring benefits to the development of Ukrainian economy and will allow to expand the price range of services for consumers, reduce or avoid the transaction expanses on electricity supply, improve energy efficiency through better access of renewable energy to the electricity network.

In addition, smart grid technology protects from unauthorized electricity take away and favour the prolonged use of equipment, due to the rational organization of electricity grid.

The most prospective smart grid implementation at the moment seems private sector, and preparation of the project which can be implemented during a year, takes up to 3 years.

Another important issue is support of grids modernization on government level by providing with financial incentives for businesses to use “smart grid” technology.

The Source: ElektroVesti


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