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Today Ukraine loosing USD 15-17 billion on overspending the energy. Moreover the surplus of energy consumption happens not only on enterprises, but also in houses and flats. This issue was discussed by Mykola Pashkevych, Head of State Agency of Ukraine for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving at the Third European-Ukrainian Energy Day

“Ukrainian consumer is one of the key elements in the construction of energy-efficient economy. Regardless of whether he understands his role or not, his culture of energy consumption directly affects the behavior of business and government. That is why people should become a conscious player on energy market, ad State should manage this process”, - sais Dave Young, Chairman, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency. – “With energy consumption reduction, we can stop the destruction of the Earth and to restore the economy of Ukraine”.

Today in Ukraine on 10% of population understands its role in creation of energy efficiency consumption system, others do not understand what is it for, because it is not profitable for them to think about savings, said Anatoliy Blyznyuk, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine. “But we are moving to the situation when it will be necessary to save, anyway. To do this, the State will create a framework through regulations, as well as provide the appropriate conditions for a business, so it would be profitable to invest in this sphere and make a profit”, - noted Minister.

According to Mykola Pashkevych, last year in energy efficiency projects have been invested UAH 500 millions from public funds, and investments, which came in this sphere about UAH 20 billion. Production of electricity from renewable sources has tripled compared to previous periods.

The Third European-Ukrainian Energy Day took place today, may 29 in Kyiv under support of the Saint-Gobain Group, owner of the ISOVER brand, LF Arzinger, DTEK, ABB, project consortium SEBE. Organizers: European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and Conference House Company. General TV-Partner – UBR, Communicational Partner – ESG.


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