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“Economic and political futures in Europe and former CIS states revolve more and more around energy. As Ukraine prepares to join the European Energy Community, if it can open and clean its own home market and bring much needed transparency to Ukraine, golden opportunities lie ahead including the chance to export energy into Europe”, — Dave Young, EUEA Head of the Board, said during the opening of the Second European-Ukrainian Energy Day.


The Head of EUEA Board explains that coupled with this  the need to reduce carbon outputs, and therefore increase clean tech , cut energy wastage and introduce more renewables are the most marvelous stimulus for the Ukrainian economy. “It is important that the balance of energy and its planning are brought out into the open and discussed thoroughly, as many economic sectors, business, life quality will be affected. This is one of the main reasons why EUEA is holding Second European-Ukrainian Energy Day”, - Dave Young explains.


Already second year at a stretch in the flow of two days (May 31 - June 1) the international conference European-Ukrainian Energy Day, is held in Ukraine. The conference encourages the dialog between government and business for alternative energy and energysaving technologies market development. Organizers of the conference are: European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and Conference House. With the support of the State agency of Ukraine on energyefficiency and energysaving. Official Partner of the event – “System Capital Management” (SCM) Company. Partners: Universal Bank, Law firm Arzinger, Saint-Gobain Concern (owner of the ISOVER brand). General Air Carrier of the event – “International Ukrainian Airlines” (IUA). Partners of “Financing of biogas projects” section: Landesbank Berlin AG (LBB) and the Agency of Renewable Resources (FNR). Besides the support of the event is provided by: GFA Consulting Group, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV).


As Elena Rybak, EUEA Director, noted at the event, “Potential of Ukrainian market of regenerative energy and “green” projects is enormously big, but it is not used fully. For example, biomass potential is only 15% from all the energy balance of Ukraine, biodiesel is 1 million t/year (100 thousand are actually produced), bioethanol is 2 million t/year, biogas is 120 million t/year (only 7 projects are in realization stage now). Only one sun power- station with the capacity 7,8 mWtt is functioning in the country. And from 15 wind development companies only 3 of them are ready to begin construction”, Elena Rybak said.


Besides, as the expert said, now the most stable and profitable direction for the business and energy security is energyefficiency. EUEA Director showed an example: “Saving potential in heating energy is about 50%, in electric energy — 40%. Consequently, it is more reasonable to invest not in the energy productions increase but in its consumption decrease.  For this purpose stable investment climate and transparent conditions of the market has to be made. Then the business would make everything itself, moreover the state has no financial recourses".


And business already works in this direction, assisting the increase of energyefficiency in Ukraine. Thus Director on public relations and communications of SKM Company Natalia Emchenko reported about the start of the project — top list of energy efficiency in the regions, the results of which will be presented in October, 2011. “System Capital management” is the largest investor in Ukraine. Annually we invest in the development of the Ukrainian economy about $ 1 billion, including at least $ 200 million — in energy efficiency of our enterprises. We are all well aware that the growth of SCM is impossible without competitiveness of Ukraine, so — without increasing of its energy efficiency, — comments Natalia Emchenko. — We are confident that the list may become not only the reference point for each of the Ukrainian region,  but also a tool for comparing regions with each other. In addition, the most promising areas of energy efficiency for each of the Ukrainian region will be identified as a result of the project.”


Among other things the key topics for discussion at the Second European-Ukrainian Energy Day this year are: discussion of the planned changes in Energy strategy of Ukraine, how influenced business entry of Ukraine to Energy Community (in the sectors of energyefficiency and renewable energy), practical examples of the realized projects, and possibilities of their financing by investment funds and commercial banks. The important tasks of the event became the answer to the questions - why the potential of Ukraine in realization of such projects and «availability» of financial recourses do not assist more active market development, and what are  primary steps for government to improve  the situation.


About 40 brilliant specialists became the speakers of the 2nd E-day: Martin Raiser, Director of World Bank in Ukraine; André Küüsvek, Director and Country Manager for Ukraine, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Stefan Gullgren, the Ambassador of Sweden in Ukraine; Violeta Kogalniceanu, Head of Infrastructure Unit, Energy Community Secretariat (Austria); . Ihor Bohatyriov, Project manager Energy Community, International Centre for Policy Studies; Julia Shevchuk, Investment Advisor in Ukraine, NEFCO, EUEA Member Board, Brian Best, Managing Director for investment banking, Dragon Capital, Andy Kuzich, Director for Business Development, PwC, Nikolai Troitsky, General Manager, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Ukraine; Member of the Board, EUEA, Mats Lundin, Project Director, EcoEnergy Scandinavia AB, Johann Harter, COO, Activ Solar, Andreas Thomas, Vestas and many other.


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